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Palm Beach Custom T-Shirts

A sophisticated, uniformed appearance is certain to make your company and your employees stand out when you have Palm Beach Custom T-Shirts designed by Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment (MMME). A simple advertising move like this can have a drastic affect on your company's overall performance and reputation. The shirt styles and colors are to your choosing, with a unique, custom design that we create just for your company. Mobile Mike's distinctive and innovative, with advertising and marketing approaches that have surpassed others for over 15 years. He can arrange high energy events right at your business with t-shirt giveaways and bring out his fleet of promotional vehicles that includes an ice cream truck, catering truck, buses and planes, all to draw attention and interest to your company. If it is the spotlight you like, this is certainly one way to do it! Another option is to put your company on the radio. With strong affiliations to all the popular clear channel radio stations, Mobile Mike can guarantee you the best time slots when your targeted audience is listening, at affordable, discounted rates.

The creativity and imagination of Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment is all you need to get that fresh, successful advertising campaign for your company. Between Palm Beach Custom T-Shirts, corporate events and radio spots, Mobile Mike still has time to wrap your company vehicles in vibrant, showy designs created specifically for your company, post your logo on benches and billboards and even attach your brand to a banner that is pulled across the sky by an airplane. We use air, water and land to get your company seen by everyone, no matter where they are. Florida is a huge vacation getaway location. Residents, tourists and vacationers travel the highways, beaches and parks all the time, day and night. Let Mobile Mike get your name, your logo, your brand out there for the world to see! His innovative advertising, marketing and promotional ideas just cannot be beat. And his name and reputation is so prevalent across South Florida that chances are you have already heard him on the radio, seen him personally at events or spotted eye-catching entourage of vehicles on the road, up in the air or out in the water. He could be doing that for you!

Give us a call and find out how you can get your promotional campaign and T-shirt factory in Palm Beach started with us. Mobile Mike is all about “promoting the future” with his extensive experience in marketing, advertising and promotions!

Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment is a full service marketing, advertising and promotions company. Mobile Mike is well known all over South Florida for his unique and inventive marketing, advertising and promotions campaigns from the sky to the streets, including his affiliation with Clear Channel Radio Stations across Florida and beyond! Mobile Mike’s Promotion Company specializes in Corporate Events, Concerts, Festivals, Community Events, Charity Events and more! Mobile Mike has a multi-million dollar fleet of vehicles to bring visibility to your event. We also provide Internet Marketing and Website Development, from our experienced team, in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to service all of your needs.

Contact Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment today and lets talk about the many ways Mike will be “promoting the future” for your business!

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