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West Palm Beach Clear Channel

Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment (MMME), along with his innovative West Palm Beach Clear Channel promotions team, guarantees to get your company the exposure and recognition it deserves. Being a well-known and highly respected radio personality himself and having a close affiliation with Clear Channel radio stations, Mobile Mike sees to it that his clients get the best rates and discounts in Florida. Our team can be fully trusted to draft scripts for your radio ads, offer voices for them or for commercials or simply work to find the right radio station to satisfy your business needs. We have been a full hands-on service, no hassle, promotion, advertising and marketing company for over 15 years and counting. And when we say hands-on, that is exactly what we mean! Mobile Mike personally engages in all promotions and advertising events with his clients, He makes sure that your ideas and your exposure it put into motion. Call today for a free quote to have your advertising or marketing campaign work for you!

MMME has the resources, expertise and profound knowledge to reach your company's targeted audience, ensuring that the best possible time slots for your radio ads to run are available and blocked out for you. When you obtain the stellar reputation and energy of Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment to revamp, or custom create, your advertising or marketing campaign, you will be treated to even more than West Palm Beach Clear Channel. You can expect great benefits and exposure to your company from billboard and bench advertising, newspaper spreads and even airplane banners and advertising. Consider having your face on a T-shirt, water bottle or recycled shopping bag! Well, maybe not your face, just your company logo. Whether MMME speaks your company name on the radio, flies it across the sky, has it seen on the streets or wraps your car in it,---yes, Mobile Mike does that too!---we will catch the attention of your audience. With all these options, your company name will go public!

Give us a call and find out how you can get your West Palm Beach Clear Channel campaign started with us. Mobile Mike is all about “promoting the future” with his extensive experience in marketing, advertising and promotions!

Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment is a full service marketing, advertising and promotions company. Mobile Mike is well known all over South Florida for his unique and inventive marketing, advertising and promotions campaigns from the sky to the streets, including his affiliation with Clear Channel Radio Stations across Florida and beyond! Mobile Mike’s Promotion Company specializes in Corporate Events, Concerts, Festivals, Community Events, Charity Events and more! Mobile Mike has a multi-million dollar fleet of vehicles to bring visibility to your event. We also provide Internet Marketing and Website Development, from our experienced team, in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to service all of your needs.

Contact Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment today and lets talk about the many ways Mike will be “promoting the future” for your business!

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