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South Florida Mobile Advertising

For business advertising on the road, you want us. We are Mobile Mike Promotions, the premier source for South Florida Mobile Advertising. At Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment, we are all about being on the go as part of our advertising campaigns. We have a fleet of wrapped vehicles for the road, water and even the air! Our mobile campaigns consists of airplane advertising, bench ads, billboard ads, promotional events and much more. We have a fleet of vehicles that we will bring to target areas, exposing your business. Since we have been working the South Florida for over 15 years, we know where the crowds are, to advertise your business. We will also host live events right at your business, to bring the crowds to you. Start thinking outside the box of traditional advertising and marketing, Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment, is well known for our visibility.

Here at Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment, we have proudly been serving our Florida clients for over 15 years, with our unique and high energy forms of advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns. No one can do what we will do for your business, and no one is like Mobile Mike! Mobile Mike, is our creator and founder and driving force behind all of our client's advertising and marketing campaigns. Mike's outrageous visibility has put himself and our clients in the forefront, like no other company can do. He is a well known radio personality, with a fleet of vehicles for the road, air and sea advertising. When you work with Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment, you will quickly learn that Mobile Mike is hands on, for all of our clients. He is well known for hosting his client's events, himself, and creating events that draws the crowds in, with his high energy and unique advertising, marketing and promotions campaigns.

Give us a call and find out how you can get your South Florida Mobile Advertising campaign started with us. Mobile Mike is all about “promoting the future” with his extensive experience in marketing, advertising and promotions!

Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment is a full service marketing, advertising and promotions company. Mobile Mike is well known all over South Florida for his unique and inventive marketing, advertising and promotions campaigns from the sky to the streets, including his affiliation with Clear Channel Radio Stations across Florida and beyond! Mobile Mike’s Promotion Company specializes in Corporate Events, Concerts, Festivals, Community Events, Charity Events and more! Mobile Mike has a multi-million dollar fleet of vehicles to bring visibility to your event. We also provide Internet Marketing and Website Development, from our experienced team, in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to service all of your needs.

Contact Mobile Mike Media and Entertainment today and lets talk about the many ways Mike will be “promoting the future” for your business!

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