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As an Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions Provider, we have the expertise, knowledge, and vision to exceed your expectations - not only today, but well into the future.

Catering Trucks
Mobile Mike Promotions is South Florida's exclusive provider of Lunch Truck Advertising and Careering Services. Lunch trucks deeply penetrate into the Latino and General Market population serving over 500 patrons per day at any of your future events. Our network boasts over 18,000 billboards on 4,500 lunch trucks offering in-route sampling, promotions and newspaper racks in 45 markets throughout South Florida. We look forward to serving you!
Aeriel Banners
Mobile Mike Promotions takes your aerial advertising sky high and is able to make your aerial campaign more affordable then ever with his own plane!

With our aerial advertising you are able to directly target your marketing group for your business. We will fly your aerial banner exactly where you want, when you want at the times you want. We cover markets such as outdoor events, beaches, concerts, athletic events and more. We bring your message out of the sky and right into the eyes of millions. With Mobile Mike and his dedicated team we create eye catching banners that will put you and your business onto the streets locally and nationally.
Clear Channel Billboards
Mobile Mike has teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to offer Billboards, Digital Outdoor Networks, Times Square Spectaculars, Street Furniture, Airport Displays, Mall Displays, Taxi Advertising, Mass Transit Displays and more. Clear Channel Outdoor empowers advertisers with the ability to reach consumers on the move like no one else can.
Moving Billboards
Mobile Mike has a fleet of vehicles that are "moving billboards” meaning all his vehicles in his fleet are wrapped with eye catching designs and vivid colors to attract attention wherever he goes. You can expand on your advertising by having Mobile Mike Promotions wrap your business vehicle or personal vehicle.
Event Promotions
Our team has been marketing, advertising and promoting for thousands of companies for over 15 years in the South Florida area. We are all about making clients for life, so come and see all we have to offer for your business now and for the future. Mobile Mike himself will host your event and get your company low rates on radio ads all over Clear Channel Radio Stations.

Mobile Mike's Promotion Company has specialized in Corporate Events, Concerts, Festivals, Community Events, Charity Events and more! Mobile Mike has a multi-million dollar fleet of vehicles to bring visibility to your event from the streets to the skies. We also have in house internet professionals – experienced in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to service all of your needs.
Mobile Mike Promotions presents Disc Jockey Services for your next event or function. Our Dj's are technically competent with the necessary equipment including – Vinyl or CD turntables, microphone, amplifier, sound mixer, speakers and lights, laptops and other computer software – to play and edit music live.
Flyers / Ads
Flyers & Ads are important because you can focus on achieving three general goals. 1) promote awareness of a business and your product or services; 2) stimulate sales directly and "attract competitors' customers”; and 3) establish or modify a business' image. In other words, advertising seeks to inform, persuade, and remind the consumer. With these aims in mind, most businesses follow a general process which ties advertising into the other promotional efforts and overall marketing objectives of your business. Our proprietary technology means that we can print your business flyers in small quantities and still offer you the best value anywhere. Historically, business flyer printing and design have been a hands-on, laborious process for both the supplier and the customer. Mobile Mike Promotions has not only fully automated the manufacturing of color flyers, but also the manner in which orders are created and submitted. We incur lower costs, which means our clients enjoy lower prices for higher quality custom flyer printing.
Heli-Banner displays are the world's largest types of aerial advertising. They are two times the size of passenger blimps and deliver three times the impressions of traditional aerial banners. Heli-Banner displays offer state-of-the-art digital artwork capabilities and can include designs, logos, multiple word messages, and changeable sections. Digitally and/or hand sewn and are guaranteed for up to 100 hours of flight. Perfect for maximum exposure and graphic advertisements, Heli-Banners deliver both bigger impact and higher recall rates for advertisers. Target demographically and geographically at the local, regional, and national levels. Plan multi-market aerial campaigns simultaneously over sporting events (NASCAR, NFL, College Football, MLB), festivals, concerts, AM/PM drive-time traffic, and beaches.
Product Branding
At Mobile Mike Promotions we are your one stop for your marketing, advertising and promotion needs. Our strategies range from Guerilla Marketing to Website design and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) to bring your business the full exposure you are searching for. Let our team bring your business to the next level with our brand identity development strategy.

At Mobile Mike Promotions we carefully analyze marketing challenges your company may face from all perspectives and even reaching beyond traditional marketing tactics. Leading brands will stay leaders by offering and communicating their enduring relevance and point of difference. Recessions and discounts come and go, but trusted brands and their appeals tend to transcend and outlast those events.
Radio Advertising
At Mobile Mike Promotions we utilize all of our sources for your marketing, advertising and promotion needs – including radio advertising, guerrilla marketing, custom vehicles, website design, SEO and SEM for your website. Let our professional team put a marketing strategy together for your company that will expose your business to its target market. Let Mobile Mike Promotions be the engine of growth and profitability for your business! Contact us today and let us start Promoting the Future of your business.
Social Media Marketing
What is social media marketing? Social media marketing consists of the attempt to use social media to persuade consumers that one's company, products and/or services are worthwhile. To use social media marketing effectively, businesses have to be perceived as members of the social media community, willing to interact with other members. The main problem with social media marketing from a business perspective is that it can be incredibly time-consuming. Social media marketing campaigns are not one-shot affairs; they need to be nurtured over time.

While big businesses such as Dell, Microsoft and HP have been using social media marketing effectively, they have the kinds of marketing budgets that allow them to assign [x] number of staff to conduct and manage social media marketing campaigns, resources that a lot of small businesses don't have.

With Mobile Mike Promotions we will handle all your Social Media marketing needs. Our highly qualified team will take your business to the next level. Social Media Marketing is a type of marketing that many small businesses can benefit from, if only to find out more about what their customers are thinking – and saying – about their brand and their products.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is necessary for any business. The Website traffic from search engines has become the lifeline of your business, no matter how big or small.

Generating traffic to your Website is not enough, you need quality leads. This is why we focus on quality traffic resulting in a better ROI. Improving your site’s search engine positioning generates more site traffic and more leads, leading to more sales and ultimately, more revenue and profit for your organization. Increasing your site’s ranking in the search engine results through search engine optimization techniques leads to better exposure to potential customers in your marketplace.

Let the professional and experienced team at Mobile Mike SEO experts help to drive quality traffic to your Website. We only use Internet Marketing techniques that will get your business exposure by being at the top of internet searching without spamming.
Water billboards
Water Billboards allow you to reach beach goers and causeway commuters with the most innovative advertising vehicle in South Florida. Many of our clients are realizing the impact that the Miami to Palm Beach Water Billboards brings to their overall marketing mix which helps them provide unique, innovative advertising solutions for their business. Corporations easily achieve brand awareness, while local businesses find an economical solution to get their name and message advertised throughout South Florida's beaches and congested causeways.

With all the other advertising mediums saturated and overused… YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ADVERTISER ON THE WATER!
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